L’Estartit @en

19 May 2016

This week easterly winds caused the waves to take away the sand that had recently been put at the beach of Els Griells at L’Estartit

The easterly winds caused the waves to remove the 30 meters of sand that had been laid in place with sand from the port last week. Neighbours complain that the six days of work had been  in
29 Apr 2016

This summer dogs will not be allowed on the Platera Beach, in L’Estartit.

The council has suspended the area suitable for pets on the Platera beach in L’Estartit. There are 2 reasons: Firstly, the problems of coexistence with other beach users, this was demonstrated by the high increase in complaints
25 Nov 2015

Sea promenade restoration in Els Griells (L’Estartit)

  Spanish Coastal Department of the Ministry of the Environment has started the repair works of Els Griells promenade by the sea in L’Estartit.   These works come after repeated complaints from neighbours who have spent years calling
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