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5 Apr 2017

The Museum of Empúries unveils the cryptoporticus of the House of Mosaics

Last March the cryptoportic of the House of the Mosaics in the Empúries Ruins was opened to the public, after being the object of an important project of rehabilitation and musealization. The restoration is part of the
25 Jul 2016

The excavations of the 70th Archaeology Course of Empúries exposed several structures of the earliest occupation phase of the Roman city

Excavations have uncovered a small treasure of 200 silver coins, the largest that has been found found there so far. They have recovered twenty amphorae, along with a bronze simpulum which was used to serve the wine.
17 Jun 2016


On the 10th June at the Ruins of Empúries (L’Escala), the rehabilitation of these two spaces unique in the Iberian Peninsula were opened to the public. It is the culmination of works performed in the stoa and the
27 Apr 2016

XIVth Empúries Marathon

The Empúries Marathon reaches its fourteenth edition. As in previous years next Sunday 1st May three tests coincide: the marathon, the half marathon and the 10 km run. On Saturday 30th May will take place race for runners who
12 Feb 2016

The adaption of the old warehouse and the peristyle of the House of Mosaics in the Roman city of Empúries is completed

This week the renovation work  on the House of Mosaics cryptoporticus (Old Roman domus warehouse ) in Empuries, was completed, a key action that contributes to the creation of a new image of the Roman city therefore
16 May 2015

International Museum Day in L’Escala

On 18th May, we celebrate the International Museum day. The Archaeological Museum of Catalonia-Empúries invites you to discover or rediscover the cradle of our culture, where Iberians, Greeks and Romans lived. Like every year, on the occasion of
7 May 2015

The Mediterranean Triumvirate of L’Escala incorporates a Fire Show and this year is dedicated to Mythology

The Greco-Roman Mediterranean Triumvirate fair in L’Escala, will incorporate  a fire show this year by the company Excalibur, as one of the main events. The theme of this twentieth edition, is mythology, and will take place this
29 Apr 2015

XIIIth Empúries Marathon

The Empúries Marathon, which this year reaches its thirteenth edition, will donate a charitable euro from each participant to the Red Cross. As in previous years on 3rd May three tests coincide: the marathon, the half marathon
22 Apr 2015

2015 Empúries Roman Forum Concerts

This year TEMproductions, in collaboration with the Archaeological Museum of Catalonia-Empúries, organises four nights of concerts on the 14th, 15th, 22nd and 23rd August, featuring  Adrià Punti, Calexico and Nuria Graham, Andrea Motis & Joan Chamorro Group,
22 Apr 2015

EMPÚRIES: Looking to the past. Building The Future

  Empúries is today one of the most unique and important archaeological sites in the country both for its historical significance and symbolic value like the condition of its remains together with a tradition of research and
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