23 Jul 2016

Pilot test in Llançà of a suitable beach to visit with your pets

L’Argilera Beach is the beach in Llançà’s  Pilot Test where you can visit with your pet. It has been operational since 19th July 2016.   (Source: Llançà’s Town Hall)     Pilot test in Llançà of a
18 Jul 2016

The mayor of L’Escala now says that the work of the 1st phase of the reform of the village beach will cost double the amount that was stated last summer. In addition, the latest forecast for the 2nd phase also doubles the original quotation.

The reform of the beach of L’Escala has been a scandal of maximum proportions since its inception, as discussed in one of our articles (click here to read it). It was on July 4th, our expectations were
17 Jun 2016

This summer in Llançà the beach clean!

From the Environment area of ​​the village of Llançà they have designed these reusable ashtrays that anyone can collect from the Tourist Office and beach libraries.     (Source: Ajuntament de Llançà)   This summer in Llançà the beach clean! was last modified:
19 May 2016

This week easterly winds caused the waves to take away the sand that had recently been put at the beach of Els Griells at L’Estartit

The easterly winds caused the waves to remove the 30 meters of sand that had been laid in place with sand from the port last week. Neighbours complain that the six days of work had been  in
29 Apr 2016

This summer dogs will not be allowed on the Platera Beach, in L’Estartit.

The council has suspended the area suitable for pets on the Platera beach in L’Estartit. There are 2 reasons: Firstly, the problems of coexistence with other beach users, this was demonstrated by the high increase in complaints
5 Apr 2016

The new Llançà association ‘Platges Netes’ cleans the ‘El Port’ beach

The newly created ‘Platges Netes’ (Clean Beaches) Llançà association held the first environmental action of this group on the 27th March. The action consisted of cleaning the ‘El Port’ beach and the surrounding coves. In the picture
5 Apr 2016

L’Escala has not finished the works on the town beach for Easter although the mayor had committed to it.

This Easter both the inhabitants of L’Escala and visitors have found a town beach ‘work in progress” full of fences, trenches and heavy machinery. Many residents and bars & shop owners had warned the mayor it would
30 Nov 2015


Last week the renovation work of reforming the old town beach area in L’Escala started and it will last about three months, just in time to have the area ready for the Easter Holidays. This renovation is
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