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23 Jul 2016

Camallera Town Hall recommends its citizens not to drink tap water because it contains excess nitrates

In recent water analysis of the population of Camallera they have detected nitrate levels of higher than 50 mg/l which is the recommended upper  limit for nitrates.     The everyday intake of water with high nitrate
19 May 2016

Torroella de Montgri Town Hall aproves a motion against the correbous

Last March the town of Roses abolished its correbous and the persecution of ducks, this week it has been the turn of Torroella de Montgri. On the 5th May Torroella de Montgri Council declared the village would be
29 Apr 2016

This summer dogs will not be allowed on the Platera Beach, in L’Estartit.

The council has suspended the area suitable for pets on the Platera beach in L’Estartit. There are 2 reasons: Firstly, the problems of coexistence with other beach users, this was demonstrated by the high increase in complaints
27 Apr 2016

The municipality of L’Escala made the controversial works of ‘La Creu’ without proper permits, in order to have them completed before the elections.

Last week it was leaked to the media that the former mayor of L’Escala Estanis Puig and the former planning councilor and current Mayor Victor Puga, repeatedly disobeyed the orders of the Ministry of Costas to stop
26 Apr 2016

Bàscara declares 19th April a Public Holiday for the village

The municipality of Bàscara declared the 19th April a Public Holiday for the village to mark the date that, after many days of fighting with government and doing road demonstrations, heavy trucks were stopped from passing along
25 Apr 2016


A Figueres court has sentenced Banco Popular to pay back € 240,000 to Figueres clients who had invested in this banks bonds without being aware of what they had actually acquired. In 2009, the director of the office
5 Apr 2016

The new Llançà association ‘Platges Netes’ cleans the ‘El Port’ beach

The newly created ‘Platges Netes’ (Clean Beaches) Llançà association held the first environmental action of this group on the 27th March. The action consisted of cleaning the ‘El Port’ beach and the surrounding coves. In the picture
5 Apr 2016

Cadaqués starts the cutting down of 19 trees despite a strong popular opposition

This Monday the city of Cadaqués begins the controversial cutting down of 19 of the 33 trees along the access avenue to the village. The council says that trees have to be cut down because there are many
5 Apr 2016

The town hall of Roses has suspended the works that were being made outside the Bulli Foundation due to the lack of a license.

Following a complaint lodged by the environmental institution IAEDEN, the City of Roses has temporarily suspended the works being carried out outside the Bulli Foundation plot for not having the proper license. They have also informed the promoter and
5 Apr 2016

L’Escala has not finished the works on the town beach for Easter although the mayor had committed to it.

This Easter both the inhabitants of L’Escala and visitors have found a town beach ‘work in progress” full of fences, trenches and heavy machinery. Many residents and bars & shop owners had warned the mayor it would
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