6 Nov 2017

The Illa Mateua camping site in L’Escala is housing the Spanish Guardia Civil agents who had to leave Calella due to the pressure of the inhabitants, since the agents are part of the contingent that carried out the police repression of the 1 st October referendum

On October 25th, about eighty civil guards arrived at the Illa Mateua campsite in Montgó, in L’Escala. They are agents who participated in the police repression of the 1st October and who had been housed in hotels in
5 Aug 2017

The Hotel Empúries, “the Ecological Hotel of the Costa Brava”, publicly reported by ecologists for their irregular expansion.

“Excessive expansion of the Hotel Empúries The L’Escala-Empúries Forum, with the support of the IAEDEN-Salvem L’Empordà, must present a situation that demonstrates the need for social action to stop actions before it is too late.   Simulation
28 Jun 2017

82 years old french man missing in Figueres

An 82 years old French man is missing in Figueres since Friday. His name is Jacques. If you have any information about him, you can send us an email to [email protected]     82 years old french man missing
10 Apr 2017

Apartment associations outraged by rising tourist tax

On April 1st the new rate for housing used  for tourism was implemented. It has been increased from € 0.65 to € 2.25 in Barcelona and € 0.45 to € 0.90 for the rest of Catalonia. The
10 Apr 2017

L’ESCALA inaugurates the town hall square, work of Rubau Tarrés, a company convicted of corruption.

The mayor of L’Escala Victor Puga has recently ordered the placement of the latest architectural elements of the new town hall square, as well as putting colourful flowers in the concrete pots that also serve as benches.  
8 Apr 2017

Cancer Walk April 9th in CABANES

Tomorrow, Sunday April 9th in Cabanes, charity walk on behalf of cancer patients.       Source: Ajuntament de Cabanes   Cancer Walk April 9th in CABANES was last modified: April 8th, 2017 by CapCreus OnLine
8 Apr 2017


Like every year in Empuriabrava, the Used Boat Fair will be held at the Main Port of the Marina. This popular event will feature a great selection of used boats for sale, from day boats to sports
5 Apr 2017

The Museum of Empúries unveils the cryptoporticus of the House of Mosaics

Last March the cryptoportic of the House of the Mosaics in the Empúries Ruins was opened to the public, after being the object of an important project of rehabilitation and musealization. The restoration is part of the
4 Aug 2016

This summer evenings enjoy the magic of the Theatre-Museum Dalí with the new guided tours

In August, The Theatre-Museum Dalí offers guided tours from Monday to Saturday, to discover the world’s biggest surrealistic work under moon light.     Next 30th July, the Dalí Theatre-Museum of Figueres will be inaugurating its twenty
25 Jul 2016

The excavations of the 70th Archaeology Course of Empúries exposed several structures of the earliest occupation phase of the Roman city

Excavations have uncovered a small treasure of 200 silver coins, the largest that has been found found there so far. They have recovered twenty amphorae, along with a bronze simpulum which was used to serve the wine.
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