The Hotel Empúries, “the Ecological Hotel of the Costa Brava”, publicly reported by ecologists for their irregular expansion.

Excessive expansion of the Hotel Empúries

The L’Escala-Empúries Forum, with the support of the IAEDEN-Salvem L’Empordà, must present a situation that demonstrates the need for social action to stop actions before it is too late.


Simulation of the enlargement of the hotel (Fòrum Empúries)


Currently, the Hotel Empúries is irregularly executing an extension requested and granted by the City of L’Escala. This license allows them to expand the resort creating more rooms and to  build another floor in the new building. The development would have a significant landscape and archaeological impact. Affecting the landscape because it would make a  worrying increase in the dimensions of the building, causing a negative visual impact in an emblematic place that must be especially careful of the environment. And archaeological because all the urban land of this place is part of the archaeological site of Empúries which is protected in the urbanism of the municipality.”

(IAEDEN (Alt Empordà Institute for the Study and Defense of Nature):

Complete press release (Catalan)HERE





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