The mayor of L’Escala now says that the work of the 1st phase of the reform of the village beach will cost double the amount that was stated last summer. In addition, the latest forecast for the 2nd phase also doubles the original quotation.

The reform of the beach of L’Escala has been a scandal of maximum proportions since its inception, as discussed in one of our articles (click here to read it).

It was on July 4th, our expectations were confirmed concerning the extension of an initial budget that was considered derisory for a work of the magnitude of this reform, the extra costs were revealed: the reform will cost almost double the amount for which it had been awarded! The parties in opposition as well as the rest of the people of L’Escala consider the increase to be exorbitant and blame both the mayor and the former mayor for having  deceived everybody.



The former mayor Mr. Puig (left) with the current mayor Mr. Puga. They are the top public responsibles for the old town beach renovation works.


Remember that 2 of the main reasons given by the mayor when awarding the work (award made to the company Xavier Alsina, investigated for corruption in the award of public works of the Generalitat) was the rebate on the initial budget of 35% and a  reduction of 1 month for the execution period of the works.

The mayor Víctor Puga merely says that much of the spending will be funded by the ‘Pla de Barris’, a support offered by the Government to rehabilitate degraded areas (not the case), aid which does not fall from the sky but comes out of the pocket of all, and subsidies that for years will not be paid as the Government has no money.

What do many people of L’Escala now think when they see the cost has almost doubled, and we find ourselves already in the month of July (5 months late). Works of the 1st phase are still far from finished and they have been postponed for later in the summer season?



Unfinished works in the old town beach. They have been postponed until october.


But attention! That’s not all!

The mayor has announced a budget of € 978,000 (forecast last December to be 480,000 €, ie more than half!) For the second phase of the reform, which goes from La Punta in Port Perris, and the works should begin this fall !!!

The news coincided in time with the arrest of the secretary and the comptroller of the City of Lloret de Mar for alleged irregular awarding.




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