The excavations of the 70th Archaeology Course of Empúries exposed several structures of the earliest occupation phase of the Roman city

Excavations have uncovered a small treasure of 200 silver coins, the largest that has been found found there so far.

They have recovered twenty amphorae, along with a bronze simpulum which was used to serve the wine.

Under one of the premises located in the southwest of  island 30, was located a little treasure of 200 Roman silver coins contained within a ceramic vessel in the form of an amphora, which was found hidden inside a small hole in the floor.



By the context in which it was located, it is estimated that concealment occurred in 1 BC.

The pieces that make up this important numismatic find are in a good condition and, once the restoration process is completed it will be possible for them to be identified and cataloged.

This set of coins is the largest that has been located, so far,in the Roman city of Empúries. However it should be said  that the Greek city has a more abundant numismatic set.







(Source: Sala de Premsa



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