Camallera Town Hall recommends its citizens not to drink tap water because it contains excess nitrates

In recent water analysis of the population of Camallera they have detected nitrate levels of higher than 50 mg/l which is the recommended upper  limit for nitrates.




The everyday intake of water with high nitrate content can reduce the carrying capacity of blood oxygen.

People who may be more sensitive to this problem are pregnant women, infants and adults with reduced gastric acidity.

It is recommended that  these people should refrain from drinking tap water or using  it for cooking. You can use it to shower, wash clothes or wash utensils without damage to health.

It is also recommended to economize water use as the decreased flow of traditional aquifers has resulted in there being  a higher amount of nitrates.


(Source: Saus-Camallera-Llampaies Town Hall)


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